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"TEN x TEN x TEN" Collection by Tennessee Loveless

Tennessee Loveless is a Los Angeles based contemporary pop artist whose bold use of color and pattern evokes an immediate visual impact to the viewer, but also creates a poetic irony when one considers the fact that Loveless has limited achromatopsia colorblindness (almost complete colorblindness).  Despite many obstacles throughout his life and career he has persevered in pursuing his career as an artist.  He is driven by his passion for painting people and iconic fictional characters in a way that strikes an emotional and nostalgic connection through the power of the one thing he is blind to.

Tennessee’s newest project, entitled 10x10x10 (or Ten by Ten by Ten(nessee)) is based off of the classic “Mickey Mouse” face. The concept is to create 100 unique creations based off of one classic Mickey Mouse template. While the face stays the same, the art changes. This project is about a pop art journey, exploring the history of the icon, and finding oneself underneath.

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